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Depth of Our Experience:

Thomas E. Upton, MAI has over 48-years of real estate appraisal experience regarding many property types, including complex primary & secondary commercial, multi-family residential, industrial & agricultural.
Areas of specialization include:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Development (LIHTC)
  • Airport Lands
  • Downtown Central-Business-District Offices (Class A, B & C)
  • Medical Offices
  • Railroad Right-of-Way
  • High-end Multi-Family Projects
  • Eminent Domain/Condemnation Projects; Appraisal and Review

Jeffrey T. Upton, MAI has been appraising complex primary & secondary commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural properties since 1989 and earned the prestigious MAI designation in 1997.  Areas of specialization include:

  • Convenience Store/Gas Sales Facilities
  • Marinas & Recreational Properties
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Bank Branches
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Restaurants (Fast Food & Full Service)
  • Regional Shopping Malls
  • Schools
  • Elderly Care Facilities (Assisted, Independent & Skilled Nursing)
  • Apartments
  • Single-Family & Condominium Subdivision Development Projects
  • Eminent Domain/Condemnation Projects
  • Industrial (Light, Medium & Heavy Manufacturing)
  • Warehouses

William P. Szabo has been appraising real estate since 1981, and his background includes construction, development and brokerage. Will has extensive experience in valuing all major property types, particularly in Ohio and Michigan. However he specializes in the valuation of recreational property and mixed use developments all across the country. Areas of specialization include:

  • Resorts of all kinds, but particularly:
    • RV Campgrounds including rentals, lot sales and membership facilities
    • Mixed Use Developments - residential / recreational / commercial
    • Lodging, including hotels with spas
    • Golf Facilities
    • Timeshare Projects
    • Marinas
  • HUD Rental Surveys
  • Conventional Apartments, Commercial and Industrial Property
  • Unusual Property Types: e.g. - refrigerated warehouses, fireworks stores, and more.
  • In addition to Ohio and Michigan, Will has been issued temporary practice permits fro special appraisal projects in many other states, coast-to-coast.

Thomas D. Kitz, MAI 

We regret to announce that Tom Kitz passed away in 2009.  If you are looking to have any appraisals that he performed updated, if he had consulted with you in the past or if you would just like to share a memory of Tom, please email.  We would love to hear from you.  We have a number of appraisers that are still working in the areas that Tom specialized in.

David T. Dicke 

David Dicke recently retired as Real Estate Administrator for District Two, Ohio Department of Transportation, after 14 years. In that position he managed real estate functions for plan preparation, funding encumbrances and procedural compliance review for all phases of acquisition of ODOT and Local Public Agency State and Federally funded highway projects. Utility relocation, removal of right of way encroachments, excess land inventory and disposition, operational site acquisition, procedural training and employee management was also within his responsibility. He represented ODOT as the Administrator in appropriation cases, mediations and case settlement agreements. During his time in District Two the right of way acquisition program was the largest in the Districtís history since the Interstate System was developed. Projects such as the Glass City Skyway bridge over the Maumee River, Navarra Avenue widened to 5 lanes, US Route 20 in Wood and Sandusky Counties widened to 5 lane, Airport Highway, Central Avenue, Route 25 widening, US6 and SR 109, I75/SR18, I475/Dussel, I475 at Upton interchange reconstructions, US 24, a new 20 mile interstate in Lucas and Henry, and other significant projects were accomplished from 1997 thru 2011. Prior to that position he was a Realty Specialist for appraisal, appraisal review and acquisition for the North West Region ODOT for 19 years. He is a General Certified Appraiser in Ohio and a Licenses Real Estate Sales Associate. He is qualified by ODOT as a fee consultant for project management, title preparation, appraisal, appraisal review and acquisition. He was an instructor for ODOTís R/W Plan preparation prequalification seminar for 10 years and has presented technical topic sessions for OTEC, and other professional organizations.  Areas of specialization include:

  • Plan review for innovative cost saving solutions and cost estimating
  • Project planning and management
  • Appraisal, and Review for commercial, residential, agricultural, public, rail and other property types
  • Experienced in Pre-Trial fact analysis, conflict resolution/mediation, having been involved in over 200 appropriation case and case settlements in the last 14 years with ODOT.